Hiking trails through the gorge

The nature experience in Hermagor | Nassfeld

The Garnitzenklamm is divided into four sections. There are different routes and hiking trails through the gorge depending on the difficulty.

Important information

  • The gorge is alpine terrain and therefore sure-footedness is required and you must have a good head for hights.

  • Appropriate footwear and suitable hiking equipment is necessary!

  • Bridges may only be crossed individually.

  • Do not leave marked trails.

  • There is no mobile phone reception in the gorge.

  • Avoid the gorge in case of heavy rainfall.

  • No rest areas are located in the gorge. You must bring your own food and drinks.

  • Children are best secured by their parents.

  • Due to the numerous bridges and stone steps, the gorge is only partially suitable for dogs.

Trail through the gorge

 Walking time in one direction


to 2nd part -  40 minutes

to 3rd part -  1 hour 30 minutes

to the 4th part -  2 hours 15 minutes

until the end of the gorge - 2 hours 45 minutes

circular routs

round trip 1

at the end of the second part cross bridge

no. 5 and continue on path no. 485 (Steinwenderweg) to path no. 410 (Rupertiweg) via St. Urbani back to the starting point

Duration: 3 hours


round trip 2

at the end of the third part keep right on the forest road until raching path no. 410 (Rupertiweg) and descent via St. Urbani to the starting point

Duration: 4 hours


round trip 3

until the end of part 4, then back to the forest road, continue to path no. 310 (Rupertiweg) and descent via "St. Urbani" to the starting point.

Duration: 5 hours

further hiking routes

advanced hikers can walk through the entire gorge and to the surrounding pastures.

Nassfeld via Kühweger Alm

continue from the end of the gorge to the “Kühweger Alm” on path no. 486, walk from there on path no. 410 via “Kühweger Törl” and “Watschiger Alm” until you reach  “Nassfeld”. Duration: 5,5 hours

Nassfeld via Garnitzenalm

continue from the end of the gorge via “Garnitzenalm” – “Garnitzentörl” and  “Watschiger Alm” to “Nassfeld”. Duration  6 hours

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